Musical notation

This is sort of difficult to search for in the forums, but I know it may have been discussed.

I was wondering what the best solution / quark, is for using musical notes (C, D E F#, etc.) instead of midi or cps?

Thank you!

I’m not sure it’s the best but it serves my needs (disclaimer: I’ve made it, so I’m heavily biased): a quark named “Panola” (stands for pattern notation language).

Tutorial and installation instructions here: Panola - pattern notation language tutorial

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run .directory to see all of them… and you can also run a search for scale, tuning, and degree, across the entire documentation…

…There’s also a syntax shortcut for conveniently expressing shifts in cents or semitones… someone else here may remember it

wslib has a class called Note also nice methods like .cpsname - 440.cpsname => “A3”

SO I just found this and I believe this will be the path I take as it seems the most robust for my needs. Just installed it. Thanks for your work!

I’ll try that as well. Been using SC for about 10 years now and never been on here. I appreciate 'yalls input

Thanks! I know of these, but I was more thinking of more traditional composition methods, however these are what I currently use. I’d be interested in the syntax you speak of. I appreciate your input.

Thanks… I myself feel a certain sense of understanding of SC, as far as the relative value of clarifying potential for expression, and this being somewhat equivalent to the noble pursuit of creating expressive possibility by meeting the demamds of open-source development, with consistent behaviour across all platforms and operating systems, it’s all as challenging as it is fully worth serving.

I just arrived after 6-7 years involved myself… and I found the syntax I was referring to earlier, it’s in the Reference page for Literals, seen here:

You’ll have to let us know if you truly find an optimal solution…

You can also create a custom function, or method, or implement .addUniqueMethod, or perhaps this.preProcessor_, or a combination, in order to somehow acheive the desired effect.

It’s in the Literals ref page under ‘Scale degrees…’ be sure to take a look at the quarks and/or sc3-plugins as well, let us know, it’s possible someone else might be just as interested…

EDIT: just realized you were satisfied w/ wslib, earlier in thread, my apologies…

however, you may still consider custom functionality… by using unique method syntax, or custom interpreter configuration

and so pls excuse my ignorance, but also do keep us posted regarding how you end up implementing your ideal score notation, regardless of quarks / custom interface

Thank you. When I get good enough to implement my own methods I’ll let you know :slight_smile: