NdefGui fails with a NamedControl with an array of buffers


i get an error message “rate” not understood when using a NamedControl with an array of buffers and NdefGui, is this a bug?


b = Buffer.read(s, Platform.resourceDir +/+ "sounds/a11wlk01.wav");
~arrayOfBufs = [b, b, b];

Ndef(\test, {
	var arrayOfBufs = \arrayOfBufs.kr(Array.fill(3, 1));
	PlayBuf.ar(1, arrayOfBufs[0], loop:1) * 0.2 !2}).set(\arrayOfBufs, ~arrayOfBufs).play;

Ndef(\test).gui;  //ERROR: Message 'rate' not understood.

i have seen a similiar issue has been fixed already:

What version of SC are you on? I think this has been fixed if you update to the latest version

hey, im on Windows with SuperCollider 3.13.0
With just one buffer like in the example its working for me but not with a NamedControl and an array of buffers.

its a bug.
i have saved this as an extension, then it works:

// define rate for all objects that don't define it themselves
+Object {
  rate { ^\noncontrol }

will open an issue on github.