No output with unixCmdGetStdOutLines on BigSur


I am running a Python script from SuperCollider with unixCmdGetStdOutLines. However, while it works on HighSierra I am having issues receiving the output on BigSur (not sure if it is an OS related issue). All I get is an empty array.

The issue is that whenever I import the pandas module I get no output … if I comment pandas out it works fine. As well as if I run the command in the shell.

I used both SC 3.11.2 and 3.12.2 and I am on BigSur (11.6.7)

Here is a simplified version of my script.

import sys
import pandas as pd


And in SuperCollider I use:


Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


SC was using /usr/bin/python3 instead of /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Version/3.8/bin/python3 . I evaluated

"which python3".unixCmdGetStdOutLines;

and showed /usr/bin/python3

I quickly changed that and the script now works.