[OT] AppleWatch with SuperCollider

Hello! I am in the early process of writing a watchOS app to get biometric data and accelerometer data from the Apple Watch to SuperCollider. Is there anything like this that already exists?

Any suggestions on the best way to go about this?


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So I did this back with the Apple Watch 1 and 2, and the problem was that the data from the watch stops quite quickly if the app isn’t active (and it becomes inactive quite quickly!). There isn’t a way to force an app to stay on (like there is for an iPhone app). Also - all communication is via Bluetooth back to the companion app (on the phone) that would then talk back to SC over the network / OSC.
In short - it was disappointing. But if you want to discuss more I’m happy to describe what I was trying.

Hi Josh,

Thanks for the info. That does sound disappointing! If there is no way to keep the data from stopping this seems pretty useless. It would be great to chat more about it.


There’s an XCode devkit for SC, Obj-C, Swift…