Passing data into UGen

I am afraid this is a total beginner question. Maybe I haven’t found the right docs for UGen yet:
Can you pass other data than just floats into a UGen? like an array of numbers or so? It looks to me the constructor takes no arguments, and the processing function only takes streams of floats (at audio or control rate).

I am trying to make an oscillator based on b-splines, and need to pass control points into the UGen.


Hello. Here’s one way to do it. Best, Rohan


There are some UGens, like SendReply, that encode strings as numbers, but this is practical only for short strings.

scsynth is a dumb signal-processing mule. It’s not meant to handle complex logic or rich data structures. It is possible to flatten/serialize some relatively simple data structures and unpack them on the other side – without reading the code, I guess that’s what Rohan is doing for splines.