Pattern Synthesis + Folding Envelopes

hey, in the last month i have been searching for a sophisticated way to work with rhythm in my compositional process mainly for a live performance and have been investigating in L-Systems, Eucledian Patterns, Sieves etc. and recently came across some max for live tools for example K-devices TATAT or psyn which have been inspired by Mark Fells Pattern Synthesis ideas.
whats a good approach to implement such ideas in supercollider?

In addition to that i was wondering i you could use wavefolding to modulate the shape of an envelope, inspired by “trance gates” like
or if there are other approaches in this direction? I was thinking of filling different Envs with random points and curves but with a distinct rhythmic characteristic and crossefade between them or have the possibility to modulate them. these are just some thoughts.

kind regards :slight_smile:

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