Patterns and NodeProxy

Hi Everyone, Is there a way to get NodeProxy and patterns to behave more like a SynthDef and patterns? Below you’ll see two variations of a Synth + Pattern. In the Pdef version the notes overlap with the sustain argument of 2. But in the NodeProxy version that doesn’t happen. I think I technically understand why, but is there a workaround to get NodeProxy to behave in the same way?

a =,2);
a[0] = { |freq, gate=1| *, gate, doneAction: 2);

a[1] = \xset -> Pbind(
	\dur, 0.25,
	\degree, Pseq([0,2,3,4,5,6], inf),
	\sustain, 2,
	\amp, 0.7,

SynthDef(\sine, {|out=0, freq=440, gate=1|, *, gate, doneAction: 2));

    \instrument, \sine,
	\dur, 0.25,
	\degree, Pseq([0,2,3,4,5,6], inf),
	\sustain, 2,
	\amp, 0.5,
	\out, 0,

Have you tried if using \legato has the same result?