Pdefn not quantised as expected

I have a Pdef playing a Ppar with 2 Pbinds inside. The Pdef has a .quant = 1;
Each of the Pbinds contains a Pdefn for the \amp key.
A couple of MIDIdefs are updating those Pdefns with new sequences from a MIDI controller sending values to Bjorklund. These Pdefns also have .quant = 1;

For some reason i don’t get, the timing is off. I thought the quant settings would take care of it but whenever i change things on the controller, the Pbinds don’t really snap/align even though the \dur is exactly the same on all of them (and i’m not changing durations at any point). The \dur value is the same. I’m playing with polyrhythms, which i know should obviously result in off timing with the appropriate settings of the array size, but even when i try to make them snap together again with identical array sizes, they’re slightly off.
i’m running sc 3.11.1 in case that helps.

thank you!

~outport = 0; m = MIDIOut(~outport);

Pdef(\poli).quant = 1;

		Pbind(\type, \midi, \chan, 0, \midicmd, \noteOn, \midiout, m, \dur, 0.12, \midinote, 50, \amp, Pdefn(\amp1)), 
		Pbind(\type, \midi, \chan, 1, \midicmd, \noteOn, \midiout, m, \dur, 0.12, \midinote, 50, \amp, Pdefn(\amp2))

MIDIdef.cc(\cc1, {arg key, ccNum;
Pdefn(\amp1, Pseq(Bjorklund(1, key), inf)).quant = 1;
}, 1).permanent_(true);

MIDIdef.cc(\cc2, {arg key, ccNum;
Pdefn(\amp2, Pseq(Bjorklund(1, key), inf)).quant = 1;

}, 2).permanent_(true);