Pieces composed for Percussion and SC?

Hello everyone,

I’m new here (and have been studying SC for only a few months). I’ve been trying to find pieces composed for percussion and SC. Please respond if you have any suggestions.

Thanks for your time.

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Here’s one I made:

This one is by Ted Moore:

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Thanks for sharing!!!

Oh, and one by Hunter Brown:

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Thanks again! These are great!!!

I’ve been vibing on this brodbeck & bohm recently: https://vboehm.net/2020/08/weak-ties-album-release/

Depends what you mean by percussion. I’ve done some pieces recently with SC and gamelan, but personally I don’t really think of gamelan as being percussion! Links if you are interested:

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Hi and welcome to the forum,
Great to see all the pieces posted here. I have made this one a couple years ago:

The percussionist is my friend Dustin Donahue. The piece was made in collaboration with him and with my Biologist colleague Janice Edgerly-Rooks who studies the behavior of silk spinning insects (the data being sonified). More info in the YT description.
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Thank you for posting this.

I appreciate you posting this. Thank you.

Thank you. I’ll add it to my list.

I’m almost always in search of pieces made with SC+percussions, as I work with this kind of set up since few months. So this post is precious for me also!
I’d suggest


The second one is Joshua Parmenter live processing the drum kit using sc


Sorry I took so long to respond! Thank you for sharing this.

No problem!

Please post this kind of music if you like!