Primitive Error


I am running SC on RPi 4. A python script is controlling the whole synth by sending OSC.
The code is intended to run on an sound installation which means it should operate non stop.

During testing I am getting the following error in SC post window after many hours of normal operation.
The python side keeps working…

Any ideas?

ERROR: Primitive ‘_QObject_New’ failed.
caught exception ‘std::bad_alloc’ in primitive in method QObject:prConstruct
Instance of MenuAction { (0x8a211e00, gc=E4, fmt=00, flg=00, set=03)
instance variables [4]
qObject : nil
finalizer : nil
virtualSlots : nil
action : nil

Segmentation fault

That’s definitely some kind of memory allocation bug caught exception ‘std::bad_alloc’. I think you should report it on github. But since it’ hard to repro… probably there won’t be a fix soon. Try to include a backtrace (from a core dump) in your report.

I believe this is a known issue with MainMenu, which is fixed in 3.10.2 or so. Do you have the latest version of SuperCollider?

Here’s a discussion about the issue:

Thank you @jpburstrom,

indeed I hade the 3.10 version which I installed from apt. Maybe a good time to update the apt with the latest version?

I have compiled the latest version from source and testing it now on both a RPi3 and RPi4. So far it seems all is good.