Problem with Pbind on Mac OS 11.1

Hi folks,

I’m a beginner.

I’m having an odd problem using Pbind on Mac OS 11.1, with Supercollider 3.11.2

Following Eli Feldsteel’s tutorial #10, I’ve taken the following code to generate a simple synth, then to use it with Pbind.

Problem: the synth works when I call it directly, but I get no sound when I call it using Pbind.

Example code is below — it’s all taken from the tutorial.

Thanks in advance — Arun

s.boot ;

(\sine, {
arg freq=440, atk=0.005, rel=0.3, amp=1, pan=0;
var sig, env;
sig =;
env =[0,1,0],[atk,rel],[1,-1]),doneAction:2);
sig =, pan, amp);
sig = sig * env;, sig);
)\sine); // This will generate a tone

p = Pbind( // but this will not
\type, \note,
\instrument, \sine,

This seems like the issue we had with scheduling bundles on macOS 11. As noted on the download page, SC is not yet officially compatible with macOS BigSur.
I think the solution for now is to use the latest build of SC (it is an unsigned binary, right-click/option-click to open it).

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Thanks very much Marcin.

I tried downloading and running the build you gave a link to, but that had the same program: Pbind() didn’t work, but the did.

That’s weird.
I’ve tested this on macOS 11.1 and could reproduce it with the 3.11.2 legacy build.
However, on the latest develop build, the issue does not occur for me.
Are you sure you’ve actually run it in that develop build? macOS gives a scary warning and offers to move it to trash the first time you try to open that build.
As for SC 3.11.2, are you running the legacy build? Regular 3.11.2 is reported not to even open on macOS 11.


I downloaded it again, and reinstalled it. it works!

I must have made some error the first time.

Thanks very much! – Arun