Pseudo UGen extension Rookie

This noise is extremely nice and I would like to use it as a Ugen. I believe I have to copy this page into Extensions, but what else? Thanks.

// probably more useful as a pseudo-ugen
FractalNoise {

   *ar { arg beta = 0, mul = 1, add = 0;
      var n = 6, h = 2, fp = 50, t =, norm = exp(beta).reciprocal**1.72, sig =,add);

      n do: {
         var fo = 10**(0.5*beta*h.reciprocal)*fp;
         sig =,1,exp(-2pi*fo*t).neg,exp(-2pi*fp*t));
         fp = 10**h.reciprocal*fp




I don’t know your reference and haven’t dived into the concrete math here, but when implementing something with cascading filters I’d

.) take as many params (that you have hard-coded atm) as args
.) take an in arg instead of hardcoding WhiteNoise into it
.) also take n as an arg, this of course wouldn’t be modulatable as the ugen graph is fixed

Besides I personally find pseudo ugens of such kind very practical.
After storing in the Extensions folder ( and recompiling it should work.