PSx stream patterns

So I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the PSx suite and I’m getting some exciting results. It does confuse me sometimes though and I was hoping i could get some insight in a few specific conundrums.

~kick = Pbindef(\kickPat,
	\instrument, \kick,
	\dur, 0.25,
	\amp, Pwrand([0, 1], [0.8, 0.2], inf),
	\pan, Pwrand([0, Pwhite(-1, 1, inf)], [0.8, 0.2], inf)
~psKick = PS(~kick, inf, 4, 1);;

~snr = Pbindef(\snrPat,
	\instrument, \snr,
	\dur, 0.25,
	\amp, Pif(Pfunc{~psKick.lastValues[2][\amp]>0} && Pfunc{~psKick.lastValues[0][\amp]<1}, 1, 0)

This works fine when i run the patterns one by one but if I remove the separating parentheses i get this:
```ERROR: Message ‘at’ not understood.````

From what I can tell it seems like the \snrPat patterns is trying to reach a value within ~psKick before it has been created. Could this be what’s happening?
In that case what would be the simplest remedy? I have been trying to get around it with timing offsets and what not to no avail.

In my attempts to fix the above issue i encountered another confusion.
When I put the parentheses back in I get nothing from the \snrPat pattern.
No error messages and no sound. It does however work after I rename the pattern so
something seems to stick to the pattern definition. This is not a huge issue but it’s probably a good thing to try to understand why it’s happening.

Bumpity-bumpbump! Gotta get this to work.

I can get around the parentheses issue to some extent with quant to delay the \snrPat pattern but it’s not reliable at all.

I was trying to set up like a default PS buffer that gets called at evaluation so that the Pif within the \snrPat pattern has something to work with but I think I’m messing up the syntax.
I also tried putting an if statement in the \snrPat Pfunc to get around the absent data but that didn’t work either.