Pwrand and Pseq Probabilities

Hi all -
I’m running into a bit of a wall, trying to use a Pbind to change the probabilities of a Pwrand. Can anyone help me to understand what I am doing wrong?
Thank you.

Pbind(\degree, Pn(Pwrand([0, 14], [Pseq((0, 1..9), 1), Pseq((9, 8..0), 1)].normalizeSum), inf),
	\dur, 0.1).play;

I don’t think the weights in Pwrand can be a list of patterns. It has to be either a list of numbers or a stream of lists (of numbers). You can convert your list of Pseqs into a stream of lists with Ptuple:

var weights = Ptuple([Pseq((0, 1..9), inf), Pseq((9, 8..0), inf)]).collect(_.normalizeSum);
    \degree, Pwrand([0, 14], weights, inf),
    \dur, 0.1