Question about a recursive_phrasing example in SCDoc

Hello there :slight_smile:

I’m trying to figure out a few esoteric syntax bits popping up in this code. I’ve looked on the
Syntax Shortcuts document but none seem to appear there…

// now turn round every middle part of every middle part
Pdef(\poch, { arg sustain=1.0, from=0.0, to=1.0, n=3;
    var step, f, t, i;
    sustain = sustain.value;
    step = (to - from) / n;
    f = Array.series(n, from, step) +.t [0.0, step];
    i = n div: 2;
    f[i] = f[i].reverse;
        \instrument, \play_from_to,
        [\from, \to], Pseq(f),
        \legato, 1.0,
        \dur, sustain / n

I’m not 100% i understand this bit:
f = Array.series(n, from, step) +.t [0.0, step];
Is it just a short way of adding an array to another? But what is +.t ?

I’ve never seen this notation before:
i = n div: 2;

And finally why is [\from, \to] an Array?


Binary Operator syntax, see line 5 of code example

See last example of first code block here

Hmm Adverbs…ok!
Thanks :slight_smile: actually figured out the array thing right after i posted haha oh well…
I’m just getting started on recursive phrasing this is really interesting.