Reading Dictionary from file

How can I utilize a dictionary that is stored in a different .scd file? I would prefer not to open the file, just read the contents of its dictionary.


As far as I know, there are three possibilities using the method .load and .loadRelative as follows:

  • "xxx/xxx/folderName/fileName.scd".load
    if the SCD is located in a different folder than SCD on which you are working.

  • "fileName.scd".resolveRelative.load
    if the SCD is in the same folder of SCD on which you are working.

  • "fileName.scd".loadRelative
    if the SCD is in the same folder of SCD on which you are working.

Would it be helpful for you?

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That works, thanks!

In Linux the .loadRelative method seems to be broken, nevertheless .resolveRelative.load works!


In what way? In general, troubleshooting requires more information than “it didn’t work” – error messages, stack trace etc.


With .loadRelative I am getting the error:
ERROR: can't load relative to an unsaved file

This seems to be an old issue that haven’t been resolved yet:

If the file hasn’t been saved, then it has no path. If it has no path, then relative to what should it resolve?

I’m not sure what resolveRelative is doing differently, but if the intended meaning is “resolve this path relative to the location of the current document” but the current document has no location, then the only outcomes are 1/ error or 2/ undefined behavior. At least the error tells you what the problem was.


Ok now I see the issue.

I have created a class file .sc which reads data from a .scd file stored also in the same folder as the class file. When I invoke the class from another unsaved file, the .loadRelative which is inside the class hasn’t any path.

I wonder then why the .resolveRelative.load method works.
Or is it a bad idea to have a class reading data from a local file?

I recall looking at this earlier. resolveRelative takes into account whether it’s been called directly from a method or not. If from a method, it resolves relative to the method’s source code. loadRelative doesn’t.

This, you can check for yourself by reading the respective methods’ source code.

In this case, another way to locate the file is thisMethod.filenameSymbol.asString.dirname +/+ "myfilename.scd".


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