Record system Audio

Since the Speech class has been deprecated and I can’t seem to make it work if it still does. I’ve been trying to send the system audio to Supercollider to record the speech synthesis built into Osx, but no success yet. I couldn’t find any examples of what I’m trying to do.

In devices
[ Built-in Microph, Quantum, Aggregate Device ]

Out Devices
[ Built-in Output, DisplayPort, Quantum, Aggregate Device ]

I then do the following thinking that I’m sending out audio from the Quantum Interface into the Quantum input but then I just get confused and not sure how to record the output into SC since the audio file is always blank.;,0);

Are you on OS X? And do you just want to record it? Or do you want to process it as it is speaking?

The patching back into the interface could work fine, but you’d have to make sure your server boots and is using both of those, and that your system sound is set to route to it as well (on OS X, you can send system sound to a different output than then main one).

Finally, if you just want a recording, the Terminal command ‘say’ (which Speech used to use under the hood), has a flag for rendering a sound file:

say “hello” -o"out.aiff"

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The terminal ‘say’ command worked perfect for what I needed. I didn’t know you could do that :slight_smile:

Eventually I would like to send the System Audio to Supercollider at some point for other projects but for now this is good. Thanks