Replacement for Osc1?

Hi folks,

I’m working with my class through chapter 16 of the Supercollider book (Microsound).

I’ve downloaded the code for the book, and it’s mostly been working great.

However, there are places where the code seems to rely on older items that are no longer part of the SC code (I’m using 3.11.2)

one of them is the method .memStore, which I easily replace with .add

But, how should I replace Osc1() ? It’s used in this context:

SynthDef(\grainFM1, {|out, envbuf, carfreq=440, modfreq=200, moddepth = 1,
sustain=0.02, amp=0.2, pan|
var env =, sustain, doneAction: 2);
var sound =, * moddepth) * env;,, pan, amp))
}, \ir.dup(8)).add;

thanks for any help,

Arun Chandra


it’s contained in the adclib quark.