Rossum Panharmonium in SC?

this module looks kind of amazing tbh:

the Panharmonium polls the FFT chain to find the frequencies and amplitudes of the top 33 local maxima, which are then fed to oscillators, optionally with slew. from there it more or less behaves like an additive synthesiser - the frequencies and wave forms of the oscillators can be manipulated, etc.

however, looking through the list of phase modulation and FFT Ugens, an efficient way to get the frequencies and relative amplitudes of the top 33 local maxima from the FFT chain wasn’t immediately obvious to me.

there’s PV_LocalMax, but because it uses threshold, it would take some expensive iterative process to find the top 33 bins. but maybe this is unavoidable?

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A vague idea but no time to dive into it: there’s a server-side sort somewhere in an extension, but I don’t find it ATM. That could be used in a pvcalc, this could be doable when reducing the size by the ‘tobin’ option. But maybe I’m too optimistic …

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Ya - that module is pretty cool. Thanks for the share…

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