SafetyNet constantly posting error messages on Windows 7/10


Hello Synths,

I am having this problem with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits SC 3.10.0. Every time I send a synth to the server this error message shows up in post window:

-> Synth('temp__0' : 1001)
CheckBadValues: normal found in Synth 1000, ID 0 (previous 110018 values were unknown)

When I hard kill the synth (ctrl + .) I always get this one:

Safety('localhost') is running, using 'safeClip'.
CheckBadValues: unknown found in Synth 1002, ID 0
CheckBadValues: unknown found in Synth 1002, ID 0

Everything is working perfectly, no sound issues, but when I run processes that calls constantly calls lots of synths I am having my post window fully polluted by these messages.

I’ve also testing it with SC 3.9.3 and the same thing is happening. What can be the problem?


I was testing this in Windows 10 and just discovered that the problem is related to SafetyNet Quark.
When I uninstall it the problem is gone. But it really need to use this quark…
Does anyone know how to solve this?


SafetyNet uses a ugen called CheckBadValues which prints to the post window if it encounters problematic floating-point values: nans, infinities, or subnormals/denormals.

however, unknown found and normal found are weird outputs that shouldn’t be happening. i think you’ve found a bug in CheckBadValues here. it likely has to do with Windows-specific preprocessor directives in the source code of this ugen.


i’ve filed an issue at

this looks like an easy fix for 3.10.1. thanks for reporting @ZeCraum!


Thanks for supporting and fixing it!