SC album made from DNA data

About a year ago I wrote a tiny Common Lisp app for generating SC patterns from .fasta file, that used for storing DNA data. So few days ago I finally release an album where this app was used.

And here is a link to cl-fasta-notes app - GitHub - bjornmossa/cl-fasta-to-notes: Common lisp tool for DNA data sonification

Hope you will enjoyed and lets find new way to create!


That sounded surprisingly “unalgorithmic” :slight_smile:
Did you use the generated stuff as a starting point from which to compose something or did it produce the final result? (ignoring the singing of course).

I use generated part as starting point for harmonies. Also I wrote cl-fasta-notes in a way when it generate degrees, not a pitches. In this way you can combine several patterns, add same \scale key to Pbind and it will sound consistent more or less, of course without extreme cases. But anyway it take some time to find patterns that fit together nicely.