Sequencing Preferernce

I see Ndefs, Pbinds, etc., Routines, and Functions. I see how to do the very basics of each, but would like to see any examples that are actually more complex, longer and/or musical. What do you prefer to use to sequence your synths, and can you give an example so that I may learn from your amazing mastery over space-time?

Or, for instancee, why one would choose Routine over Tdef / visa versa?

There’s an examples/ directory, in the resource directory (Platform.resourceDir.openOS). Within examples/pieces, see for instance “spacelab.scd” – or the other scd files. These are potential starting points.

Unfortunately there is no “one size fits all” answer to your question. For instance, a weakness in the “spacelab.scd” approach is that you can only start at the beginning. I did, once upon a time, work on a set of objects that supported a “section A,” “section B” etc approach where it was possible to start in the middle – but I ended up abandoning it because it was a bit awkward in some ways. There are a few other solutions, in quarks, but I forget their names right now.