Spatialising TGrains with PanAz

what would be the simplest way of embedding the TGrain method inside the PanAz method here?

b =, Platform.resourceDir +/+ "sounds/a11wlk01.wav");

    var trate, dur, rate;
    trate =,200,1);
    dur = 4 / trate;
    rate = Dseq([10, 1, 1, 0.5, 0.5, 0.2, 0.1], inf);,, b, rate,,, dur, Dseq([-1, 1], inf), 0.1, 2);
}.scope(zoom: 4);


It’s easier to think the other way round: TGrains supports spatialising grains via its args numChannels and pan, which mimic PanAz syntax.
However you’re free to pan a mono or n-channel signal from granulation with PanAz. With an n-channel granulation signal to pan you’d need n PanAz then as PanAz doesn’t support that kind of multichannel expansion.

There is also XFadeRotate and related from wslib, see this thread for a discussion: