Stream audio from http

Hi, I’m looking for a way to read audio from an http stream (e.g. but I’m not able to find an UGen that helps me… it exists?

There is no ugen that does this. In theory, could could stream the file to disk and then use the DiskIn to play from that file before it’s done. I’m not sure if this is supported, but it’s worth a try.

Thank you for the reply!
I resolved with pulseaudio jack plugin -> listen to the stream -> route the pulseaudio output to supercollider input in jack -> :slight_smile:

Dan Stowell used exactly this technique in a workshop once, years ago at the first (or second?) SC Symposium (streaming an online radio broadcast of Beethoven’s 9th, time stretched to fill a whole day, then used as a sound source for live coded manipulation by the participants).

I believe there’s an example in the MP3 quark (requires “lame” as the decoder btw) – though as you said, it’s not exactly “supported.” It has worked in the past and it might still work with some effort, but it’s not an official feature and nobody has done any work to make sure that it never broke. YMMV, at your own risk etc.