SuperCollider 3.10.1

SuperCollider 3.10.1 is out! This is a patch release with no breaking changes.


  • Fixed an infinite hang in SerialPort.devices affecting macOS.
  • Fixed ServerOptions producing eight channels instead of two channels when explicitly setting numOutputBusChannels or numInputBusChannels.
  • Fixed a build issue on OpenBSD.
  • Fixed /b_fill, which was broken in supernova.
  • Fixed incorrect latency compensation in PortAudio driver.
  • The CheckBadValues UGen incorrectly recognized zero as a bad value on Windows. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed crtscts flag in, which broke in 3.10.
  • Fixed lack of backgroundImage support for Slider2D.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of String:asSecs.
  • 0X0 is an illegal hexadecimal literal in sclang, but SCIDE and SCDoc highlighted such strings as if they were correct. They have been updated.
  • Fixed weird colors in SCIDE when changing from other themes to the “classic” theme.