SuperCollider 3.10.4-rc1

SuperCollider 3.10.4-rc1 is out! Get it here:

Xcode 11 is now supported.

Minimum supported Boost version is now 1.66.0.

supernova would sometimes return malformed /done OSC messages over TCP due to a concurrency issue. This has been fixed.

On macOS, Cmd+Q causes a segmentation fault in sclang. This is a regression from old behavior, where Cmd+Q is simply ignored. This has been fixed.

Fixed a mistake where Recorder would get its default file extension from server.recHeaderFormat rather than its own recHeaderFormat.

The NodeProxy filter role now respects fadeTime.

Some sequences of IDE actions involving editor splits (such as removing a split and then recompiling the class library) can lead to an eventual IDE crash. These have been fixed.

On macOS, Cmd+Q used to quit both the IDE and interpreter, but it regressed and only the interpreter would quit. This has been fixed.