The default fadeTime and numChannels of { }.scope

Dear users,

The help document seems to incorrectly describe the default fadeTime and numChannels of { }.scope.

The number of channels to display in the scope window, starting from outbus. The default is 2.

← It seems to reflect the numChannels of the synth.

A fadein time. The default is 0.02 seconds, which is just enough to avoid a click.

← It seems to be 0.05 seconds.

Am I correct?


Yes, it does reflect the number of channels. For example:

// 1 channel in scope

// 2 channels in scope

// 3 channels in scope and so forth

And yes, the default fade time is 0.05. There are rather a lot of typos and little errors in the help files. There are examples with ugen graph functions that have arguments that do nothing. The Pen class help file has an extensive documentation of methods that don’t even work/aren’t implemented (transparency layers? why is this so well documented if it doesn’t actually work?)

It would be nice if these issues could be fixed and I’d be happy to help with this, but I’m not sure how this is handled.

I think this kind of thing is done via pull requests at github. @elifieldsteel did a nice explainer about this somehwere !

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I know that one should create a pull request. The question was to see if I was correct. Thanks!