Tips and tricks: SuperCollider on Arch-based operating systems

Here you go :wink:

I also have packages for some of esluyter’s plugins but waiting for some things to be fixed in the source code before I can publish them

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Also added @LFSaw 's steroids ugens


great packages mads! :smiley:
can i suggest two more?

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Thanks I’ll look into those.

Also finally figured out how to turn faust based plugins into AUR packages! First up is @Sam_Pluta’s Maths:

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vb_ugens are here now:

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Install all supercollider plugins

There is now a package group called supercollider-plugins on the AUR. This allows the user to install pretty much all plugins on AUR (except sc3-plugins which is in the main repo) using this command:

yay -S supercollider-plugins

and sonoro1234

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hi mads – i got an error trying

yay -S supercollider-plugins

yay: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Thanks Igor. Not sure what causes this… :thinking:

it was some trouble between yay/pacman – but worked after i rebuild yay! :smiley:

installed all plugins here, all seems to work –

(except flucoma – i got an error on boot:
Server ‘localhost’ exited with exit code 0.)

Thanka for investigating Igor. Sounds like some bad code in the flucoma case. Are you trying on an x86 or a pi ?

I’ve made a git version of flucoma that you could try instead. Should be bleeding edge but perhaps it works better :slight_smile:

I added the graph_loop_grain ugens

Hi @madskjeldgaard and @igormpc

One of the Flucoma people here, @Sam_Pluta pinged me about this thread (thanks!):

@igormpc just to signal that if there’s anything I can do to help diagnosing the cause of the plugins killing the server for you, please shout

@madskjeldgaard You’re so fast! The graph_loop_grain Ugens only appeared yesterday :joy: Just a warning: they are in support of a upcoming paper led by @groma, and should probably be regarded as research code (although lots of fun). I’d be wary about relying on them in a production environment just yet*! In the near future, we’d hope to integrate them into the main package.

Thanks!! This is Arch Land so we love bleeding edge software so no worries there. That said, graph_loop_grain seems to work nicely!

I need to update the prebuilt flucoma package soon as well, I haven’t updated it with the beta 1.0 stuff yet so that might fix some of @igormpc’s issues

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hi mads // i am on x86, tried again (the -git version took sooooo loooong to install! using an old c2d here)!! and got same error –

i’ll try on another machine here tomorrow –
thx anyway! :smiley:

Added the bytebeat plugins today

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Installing plugins on Raspberry Pi and other single board computers

If you want to install plugins on a Pi or similar SBC running manjaro arm or arch arm, use the plugin packages ending in git. They have been modified to be compatible with those platforms (and in some cases, including Flucoma and MI UGens) build and install a smaller number of plugins (excluding those that are exclusive to x86 architectures).

For example to install a bunch of plugins on a Pi, run:

yay -S supercollder-mkplugins-git supercollider-flucoma-git supercollider-mi-ugens-git supercollider-sonoro1234-ugens-git supercollider-vbugens-git supercollider-maths-git

Thanks to the developers of those for helping make the plugins compatible.

Word of warning
Installing these packages can take a long time since they will compile the plugins from source which is heavy duty work for the processors in single board computers.

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Added IEM’s vstplugin as a git version for those who want to build from source

thanks @Spacechild1 for the help

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Added a couple more today