Trying to workaround libboost file copy bug


Since I installed sc3.13, the help browser is broken (ERROR: Primitive '_FileCopy' failed. when starting scide - boost needs upgrade to higher version to fix · Issue #5865 · supercollider/supercollider · GitHub) (my /home is on a different partition). I used the online help, but now I notice my project is broken too when it try to copy files. So I decided to build boost myself.

The problem is I don’t know how to tell supercollider build to use my boost library (in /usr/local). I noticed there is a boost library included in sc source, but i don’t know where to find the version number so I don’t know if it is the bugged version or a newer one. I don’t remember if i used the internal version or the system one when compiling.

How can I tell cmake to use my own compiled version ?

have you tried building @shiihs fork from source?

There are a bunch of other solutions in the thread on github at the link in yr post as well…

First, you should use your system’s package manager’s boost package rather than building boost yourself. This avoids a whole set of potential headaches.

Then, you should pass -DSYSTEM_BOOST=ON when configuring the project with Cmake. That should be enough to pull in the system version.

Edit to add: if you encounter problems you may need to patch the source yourself and/or pull in patches from the branch shared above.

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Sorry I forgot to say that i’m on ubuntu 22.04 and the libboost package is still on version 1.74 so i can’t use it

No I didn’t see it, i will try it, thanks!

It works!!! thanks

wtf Ubuntu… that was 2 years old when it shipped.


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