Two Observations about Env

OS: Ubuntu 18.04 w/low-latency kernel
SuperCollider: Built from branch ‘develop’ [448352727] (approx. 1-2 months ago)

Observation 1: setting duration seems to break when used more than once. Or, it breaks if I call .duration too many times on an env whether I am getting or setting it.

x = Env([0,1,0],[1,1]); // simple envelope
x.plot; // fine
x.duration; // shows duration
x.duration = 13; // scales 
x.duration; // correct
x.plot; // whoops... for me shows the values as if they were complete in 2 secs then flat for the remaining 11.
x.duration = 4;
x.plot; // still broke.

The above works for me if I do:

x = Env([0,1,0],[1,1]); // simple envelope
x.duration = 24;

But then if I perform more operations on x it breaks.

Observation 2: Env.plot used to work with multichannel Envs. Now, calling .plot on a multichannel Env no longer shows both (or more) channels… However, if I do something like setting the properties for the plot color, it works.

x = Env([1, [0,2], [1,0]], [1,1]);
x.plot; // this only shows one channel for me

a = { x }.dup(1).plot(name: “This Dumb Thing”);
); // this shows both channels

Thanks for your thoughts.