Unsaved Documents Dialogue - Button KB Shortcuts?

Hey everyone,

I almost feel kind of bad for posting this question, since it’s just a very minor quality of life irk…

I would love to be able to navigate the Unsaved Documents dialogue box that pops up when quitting SC with files that aren’t saved. And all the buttons have a letter underlined implying that there’s a keyboard key or combo that can be used to trigger them.

Does anyone know if this function actually works? I’ve tried all the usual choices: the underlined letter, shift+letter, cmd+letter, option, control, etc… even combinations. Nothing seems to work.

The best I’ve gotten is that the arrow keys let me move between the choices, but unfortunately it’s incredibly faint which button is highlighted, so I occasionally pick the wrong choice.

Anyway, like I said, not a huge deal, I can live my life just fine using the arrow keys or reaching for the mouse, but if I didn’t have to…!

I’m on MacOs, using SC 3.11.2.



Thanks for the report! Please don’t feel bad about asking these sorts of things, we’re all here to share and make SuperCollider as good as it can be!

I’ve never used it before, but I’ve just tried on Windows and the shortcuts do appear to work as I’d expect: Alt+<underlined letter>.

So, this looks like a bug in the IDE on macOS.

Looking at the Qt documentation: QShortcut Class | Qt Widgets 5.15.3

On Mac, shortcuts are disabled by default. Call qt_set_sequence_auto_mnemonic() to enable them. However, because mnemonic shortcuts do not fit in with Aqua’s guidelines, Qt will not show the shortcut character underlined.

So it might just be that there’s a little more to be done to get it working on macOS.

While a lot of developers are here on the forum, the best place to report these kinds of things is as an issue on the project’s GitHub: Issues · supercollider/supercollider · GitHub

If you have the time, do you mind making a bug report there and one of the devs can take a look?


Thanks for looking into this James! I just posted a bug report to GitHub.