Update to 3.10 on Linux


I am running a Debian based Linux distro. I click the correct mirror for SC 3.10, and my OS says Open With Software, then when it installs it gives me version 3.6.6. The recommendation is to use the command line to install and update all dependencies, but I’m afraid I am not very ‘apt-get’ fluent. Any Linux users running 3.10.x able to help me out please?



i’ll be the first to admit that the situation with debian packaging for supercollider is pretty painful, and unfortunately nobody is currently working on providing .deb packages for the latest releases. we don’t have direct control over the debian repositories (we do have our own PPA, but it is also out of date because the people who were maintaining it aren’t actively working on the project anymore).

unfortunately, the only way to get newer SC on debian/ubuntu is to build it yourself. the process is documented in README_LINUX.md in the project root. let me know if you run into any problems doing that.


Thanks for the advice Nathan.