Virtual SuperCollider meetup tonight

Hello everyone

I hope you are well in the current chaos that is our society.

Tonight at 7pm is another edition of the Notam SuperCollider meetup which under the current circumstances (and until further notice) will be a virtual one!

I think that meetups are more important than ever and at least for me they serve as a mental holiday from it all right now, so I would strongly encourage you to join. If you feel like shit or feel shy, being a silent spectator is totally fine.

We will be using which is sort of an open source equivalent to Zoom. It is able to do screen sharing among other things. Note: You have to use Chrome or Chromium based browsers for this. Firefox MAY work (it does for me but not for everyone else) and Brave, Safari and IE are out of the question.

Joining the meetup is easy: Open this link in your browser and you are IN

As always, everyone is welcome. But if you are joining, please consider sharing something. What is “something”, you may ask?

“something” could be (but is not limited to):

  1. A thing you just realised recently in SC which has made your SuperCollider work better or more fun (Example: “I just discovered that you can click the server bar in the IDE and click record, and it just records!”. Another example could be: “Wow, check this out, the VarSaw class is amazing for gabber kick synthesis!” or anything along those lines really).

  2. A project you are working on / have worked on

  3. A question. Is there something you are wondering about?

  4. A cool package you just discovered!

These are just ideas but I hope you will consider at least one of them!

I hope to see you all tonight!

Best regards Mads


Cool ! Even if it’s a Notam SC meetup, people can join and speak English ?

Yes! The working language is english and everyone is welcome!

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Sorry, what is the timezone? I forget which city you’re in.

Sorry, I’m terrible at this time zone business. I’m in Oslo so it should be GMT+2 ?

ok! so 12p my time (US/Chicago). during work hours for me but i hope it goes well! thanks for organizing this (:

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I absolutely gonked the time zone. Oslo is apparantly gmt+1 ??? I’m not smart enough to use time zones apparantly

but instead you are very sweet. the best. thanks for the meetup.