What's the purpose of 'interpolation' parameter of BufRd?


I am guessing the parameter would control interpolation of discontinued phase signal for BufRd,

but I could not find a way to prove it.

It will be better if SC Doc gives more detail of it.

Please let me know about the parameter.

Thank you.

phase may be fractional.

If you’re reading sample frame index 1147.23, how should it do this?

  • Truncate the index down to 1147.0?
  • Find the matching point on a straight line between 1147 and 1148?
  • Find the matching point on the cubic function passing through points 1146 - 1149?

It depends on the circumstance – so, SC lets you choose which one. The interpolation input decides which method is used to find values between samples.


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Ah! Thank you so much. You make my mind very clear!