Where is SC140 page?

Dear SC homepage maintainers,

With the recent update of the supercollider homepage, much old stuff is disappeared. e.g.:

I could access it via the following post in this forum:

Will it be, however, recovered with other things?

Best regards,

Hi @prko,

An effort has been made so that nothing disappears as we were updating things.
SC140 is now on the wiki. Quite a bit of things was moved there AFAIR.

You can track changes and discussion as they were happening on GitHub - supercollider/supercollider.github.io: Website for SuperCollider under issues and PRs, e.g. here and here.

To streamline the maintenance, the idea was that the website links to the wiki, as well as other relevant materials. Most of the “dynamic” content should go to the wiki.

Please let me know if we missed anything and if things are still missing.