Writing Help: Workflow

It only watches for a server to be started; it does nothing to any running server instance.

Not really – all of the allocators will be out of sync with the running server. If something crashes, you pretty much have to start over anyway.


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A start: SuperCollider startup file code for a hot-key accessible utility window · GitHub

Line 8:

$b: "Class browser" -> { Object.browse },

This could be adapted to seek out the identifier at the cursor position.

So I do ctrl-esc b, and pop there’s a class browser. (You may have to edit the key binding for other OSes.)


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Ah, nice, thanks!

I do the below for keybindings, which seems to work too.

I still think it might be nice if “Browse it” and “Inspect it” had standard keybindings though!

Document.globalKeyDownAction = {
    (modifiers.isCtrl && keycode == $b.ascii).if({