100 Sketches - artistic research project

Hi all,

I just wanted to share with you an ongoing research project I am doing together with my partner, 100 Sketches. The project is a way for us to document our approach to integrating movement and sound through the use of accelerometers. Each sketch consists of a video sketch, a description of the movement- and sound score, as well as the accompanying SC code.

The main project is here: roosnaflak.com/100-sketches, and these are the current, individual sketches:
001 Granular Piano
002 Granular Trumpet
003 Earthulator
004 Partnering
005 Doubling
006 Desert Thinking Space
007 Mic Number Circles
008 Growl

I will update the list as we add more sketches.


I work with SenseStage minibees, do you know the system?

Thanks! We also use minibees :slight_smile: have been using them since 2013, first with max4live, the last 3 years with supercollider. Do you have some examples of your work with them?