25: Granular Compressor - Microosound[4] - Musical Sound Design In Supercollider

Hey!! It’s Alik with a new tutorial on microsound.
In this one I present a granular grit machine which acts as a Compressor, dynamic Low Pass with variable steepness and a LoFi degrader


Aaaaaawesome, can’t wait to get deep into this!

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@alikthename Are you doing fine ? I haven’t heard from you for a good while and just wondering … your tutorials were among the bests really. Hope to hear from you again soon ! Bests.


Hey, thank you I’m fine, more or less ))
atualizing my devops/programming skills for some remote job seekage, so that I can leave russia


Cool, good luck and take care !

Hm, this seems to have dropped off of youtube. Glad to find your channel though, looks very interesting!