2d wave in SuperCollider?

Hi all,

I’m not much of a DSP wizard but I have always wondered if there is an exact replica of 2d wave object from Max/MSP?

Here is the help file from Max/MSP:

It’s among the only things I miss from Max as I got crazy results modulating the 2D wave rows and buffer start and end points, and I have been trying to figure out if it’s the same possible with any SC UGen, but they seem somehow more static, or am I totally wrong?


Hi Joonas,

AFAICS what it does could probably be approached with VOsc.

And the SC plugins contain Nick Collins’ WaveTerrain and VMScan2D classes. WaveTerrain could be tweaked into a similar direction.

Okay thanks Daniel! Those last two I don’t really know so I definitely will check them out.