3.11 Beta Release now available

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce that the beta for SuperCollider 3.11, beta 1, is now available.

It’s been awhile since the 3.10 initial release, and this release is much larger than we anticipated. The main new functionality is Ableton Link support in sclang! But - wow - there were a lot of PRs pulled in. A pretty comprehensive change log (thanks to Brian Heim and James Surgenor!) is posted on the release.

Please test and post feedback / bugs to the issue tracker. Thanks for any and all testing of the pre-release!

(NOTE: This IS beta - until the official 3.11 release is out, please be warned that this may not be production ready).




Also - thanks to ALL who contributed. Again… so many PRs.

Just a quick note for anyone trying out Ableton Link (= LinkClock):

For correct sync, you need to tell the LinkClock the message latency value:

TempoClock.default = LinkClock.new.latency_(Server.default.latency);

If you omit .latency_(...), SC will sound late compared to other Link peers. This is by design, and documented in LinkClock help.