3.12.0 Release Candidate 2

We are publishing another release candidate for the next version of SuperCollider, 3.12.0-rc2. Please note this is a release candidate meant for testing and evaluation, and not an official release. If no major issues are found in the release candidate, a proper release will be made in about two weeks. You can download it here: Release 3.12.0-rc2 · supercollider/supercollider · GitHub

This release includes custom libsndfile build, fixing compatibility with older macOS systems.

CHANGELOG.md contains a more extensive list of changes. Notable improvements in this version include:

  • Supernova is now available on Windows
  • Supercollider is officially supported on Bela platform
  • macOS Big Sur is now fully supported
  • On macOS output signal won’t go over the system volume level
  • The method not found error in sclang now provides suggestions, using fuzzy array comparisons
  • Oppressive terminology has been updated throughout the project
  • CI has been updated to use GitHub Actions and now also runs our test suite

Big thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!


Windows releases are debug builds? What’s the difference between win64 and Release-x64? I want to try one.

They shouldn’t be, but please let me know in case they are.

One is just the application that can be manually copied to any location and the other is the installer.

Thank you, I used the vs version, performance is like in Linux so doesn’t seem to be a debug build. I didn’t make extensive use of it but installs, runs and boot fine. I will use it more in the next days.