3.12 doesn't come with all extensions whcih are mentioned in the online help

Browsing through the online help file
Number of u-gens :1141 , lot’s of ported stuff, chow tape , virtual analog, mk plugins etc…
Supercollider 3.12.2 is missing all of these .

which distribution are you talking about? And what platform?

On win 10

Online as in: https://doc.sccode.org/Classes/Rongs.html?

The sccode help is from a system with various extensions installed.

The help pages mention when they’re about an extension.

To use extensions you need to track them down and install them, i.e. https://github.com/madskjeldgaard/portedplugins

Thanks! Our main distribution doesn’t bundle those external plugins. I’m assuming you downloaded the Windows version from the regular SC site and not something someone else put together. I don’t know about chow tape, but MK is Mads’ collection:

These are not in the startard distribution of SC though.

I just wonder why certain extensions are installed by default and others are not .

There is a core of UGens in the supercollider project that are there by default. Anyone can make and distribute extensions either on their own, or with sc3-plugins.

“Extensions” are never installed by default – it’s always up to the user to install them.

The online help includes sc3-plugins help files, and perhaps some others, as a courtesy, but the fact that these help files are online should not be taken to imply that they are all part of a default installation. If a help file is marked with an “extension” badge then it’s not in the default distribution.

Also, the search and browse help pages have a check box to include or exclude extensions, so you can restrict searches to core help.

To clarify Josh’s comment, core UGens are plugins but not extensions (SinOsc help doesn’t have the extension badge).