3.13.0-rc1 announcement

We are publishing SuperCollider 3.13.0-rc1, a release candidate for the next bugfix update. As this is a release candidate, it is meant for testing and evaluation, and it is not an official release. If no major issues are found in the release candidate, a proper release will be made in about a week. You can download it here: Release 3.13.0-rc1 · supercollider/supercollider · GitHub

In this version numerous UGens have been fixes so that they calculate their initial value as originally intended. In some cases this may create a different result than previously, see Changelog for details.

We now also provide a native arm64 build for Apple CPU machines.

A big thank you to all developers for your contributions!


Thank you the dev team !

Looking forward! Thanks for all the hard work.

Big thanks to all the Devs.

Thank you devs!!! You make my life better by your hard work!

Many thanks to all Developers!

I just why the application on Mac 3.13.0-rc1 x64 has a size of 399 Mo, while the nightly builds from today or other versions I’ve compiled myself only have a size of about 232 Mo?

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Do you mean arm64 build? (x64/Intel is still ~230MB AFAICT)
Our build environment is still x64 and we are cross-compiling for arm64. For this we need to be using a (specifically prepared) universal build of Qt which is essentially twice the size.
Also, we couldn’t release universal build of SC yet since one of the dependent libraries didn’t want to compile as a universal binary, but in the future I believe that we will offer universal build of SC as the main build. That means unfortunately that it will be larger (similar in size to the current arm64 build).

Many many thanks @MarcinP and all devs for your hard work !!

All kudos for the work in this release candidate!

I’m not sure if this is the right place to respond - but the new GridLines/DrawGrid are causing me problems. The new lin/exp feature is fine, but the (undocumented) method DrawGridX.labelOffset now does something different from what it did in 3.12.2. This breaks my GUI code. I really need to control the labelOffset as before. It seems that the DrawGridX instance variable labelOffset is now used to specify a Rect framing the tick label rather than to position the tick label. Please don’t make this change; keep the old .labelOffset and call the new behaviour .labelRect (maybe with an \align argument?) if you must. However, there is no need for such a Rect that I can see.

Specifically, the old .labelOffset allows the positioning of inside tick labels, even at the top or right-hand edges of a plot. I can’t figure out how to plot inside tick labels with the new .labelOffset.


Sten Ternström

Hello Sten,

I’ve seen your comment on github. Thanks for giving us heads up. I hope to get around to responding to this on GH so that we can continue figuring out how to solve this there.