96db/oct rolloff filter(EQ)

hey, is there a filter that cut off 48 or 96 db?

this is for EQing purpose.

Thank you

Higher order filters are often not implemented directly, because the math requires more precision than 32-bit floating-point can afford. (Roundoff errors turn into filter blowups.)

A common trick is to wrap multiple layers of filtering.

A second-order filter (LPF, RLPF, etc.) gives 12 dB/oct rolloff.

LPF.ar(LPF.ar(input, freq), freq) gives 24 dB/oct rolloff (4th-order).

You can keep going like that – every layer adds another 12 dB/oct to the slope.

f = { |signal, freq = 2000, dbOct = 48|
	(dbOct div: 12).do {
		signal = LPF.ar(signal, freq);