A beginner's cookbook

Hi, I started learning SC a few months ago, and collecting / writing recipes while learning. I thought I’d share the repo, in case it helps other beginners

I’m somewhat of a beginner myself, so please don’t consider this a reference of any sort. It’s just a handy collection for me. It’s also not too organized at the moment.




I am also starting out. Being someone with absolutely no experience in programming languages - I haven’t even used github in my life :slight_smile: - I am thinking about ways to document my own findings.

Looking through your cookbook it looks like you saved a different file for each code (or is it called patch? Or program?). Is there a file where you collect general information, etc about vocabulary, topology etc? Do you collect everything at github, or do you write some notebooks or save local?

Have you been experienced with writing code before starting with SC? Your files look nice, by that I mean stylisticly cohesive. For me their structure looks a bit like a foreign language, a foreign logic. I wonder if there is a source where beginners can learn about stylistics? When to use indentation, when to break lines etc? Or is there just the way to look at other peoples code and copy that? I assume there is something like grammar in programming languages?


Hey Chris, welcome - great questions… I started writing some responses, but they became a little more general than this thread, so I posted them separately: Some notes on writing SuperCollider code for non-programmers