A gui that can chain effects?

I loved IXI quarks. Is there a gui that is standalone app made from sc that can chain the different fft effects if you want? Something simple? Ive used sc in the past and loved its sound. But I can’t get to grips with coding. Not extensively. Im surprised after taking a long break there is like zero gui’s for sc out there.

You have to spend some time getting to know your way around the QT implementations within SC and those run quite deep. I find that on the contrary there’s a nearly limitless number of things you can do with the SC GUI, especially when you start using UserView and the Pen class. I’ve made two or three games using QT in SuperCollider, including a playable recreation of PacMan. The caveat is you generally have to make them yourself. If you’re looking for something not text based (some folks find it much more intuitive) I would highly recommend Max or PureData.

To answer your question a bit more thoroughly, it would depend on what you want from the GUI. There are tutorials on making standalone applications but I’ve never tried it and it’s no good for what I would want.

You can definitely make a GUI to chain FFT effects, but again, you’ll have to work through doing GUI implementation. I was very uncomfortable with this for awhile but with time it became second nature and I felt it was a good investment since I gravitated away from Pd and Max which impose the spaghetti GUI on you.

The GUI tutorials in SC are pretty good. I’d definitely start there if you’re wanting to make it yourself.

I had a thought about doing this a while back. Maybe using a web based widgets for the UI and hooking that into supercollider with a supercollider javascript client. There’s a number of prebaked gui widgets that you can use as opposed to having to do one yourself in supercollider

Maybe the TX Modular system (palemoonrising) would be useful to you? It includes an Insert Module called Spectral FX which uses FFT processes and allows you to chain up to 6 of them. It also has a side-chain input for introducing a second audio signal, for example for example to apply the spectrum of 1 sound to another (as in vocoding).



you could try GitHub - redFrik/GFX: Green effects module system with optional GUI