A piece with Lindenmayer systems

Hey community!

Just wanted to share my piece called „Loutioreitaer“, in which I used Lindenmayer systems to create increasingly abstract words spoken by different text-to-speech voices…

You can listen via SoundCloud or Bandcamp

My approach is based on MathLibs method called .rewriteString written by Julian:

~phrase = "'Literatur', schrieb Goethe, 'ist das Fragment der Fragmente; das Wenigste dessen, was geschah und gesprochen worden, ward geschrieben, vom Geschriebenen ist das Wenigste uebrig geblieben.'";

~rules = [
	"a" -> "ei",
	"e" -> "io",
	"i" -> "ou",
	"o" -> "ua",
	"u" -> "ae"

~phrase.rewriteString(~rules, level: 1);
// 'Loutioreitaer', schrouiob Guaiothio, 'oust deis Freigmiont dior Freigmiontio; deis Wionougstio diossion, weis gioscheih aend giospruachion wuardion, weird gioschrouiobion, vuam 	Gioschrouiobionion oust deis Wionougstio aeiobroug gioblouiobion.'

~phrase.rewriteString(~rules, level: 2);
// 'Luaaetouuarioouteiior', schruaaeouuab Gaeeiouuathouua, 'uaaest dioous Frioougmouuant douuar Frioougmouuantouua; dioous Wouuanuaaegstouua douuassouuan, wioous gouuaschioouh eiiond gouuaspraeeichouuan waeeirdouuan, wioourd gouuaschruaaeouuabouuan, vaeeim Gouuaschruaaeouuabouuanouuan 	uaaest dioous Wouuanuaaegstouua eiioouuabruaaeg gouuabluaaeouuabouuan.'

Some more words…

In „Loutioreitaer“, biology derived Lindenmayer systems recursively replace vowel letters of a Kittler-Goethe secondary quote spoken by artificial voices. With each recursion or stanza, the degree of abstraction of the speech intelligibility increases, while relationships to the origin always remain recognizable. After each occurring letter has been assigned a partial tone of three different overtone series in a mapping, the letters of the words thus sonify themselves in a successive manner. Together with the constantly varying generative ground pattern as well as the percussive structures, the work can be understood as an excursus of algorithmic-compositional procedures in contemporary subcultures of electronic music.

Happy about your thoughts and/or comments =)