A tutorial on how to use scsynth on another machine via ssh?


I have access to a machine somewhere else, I can start the scsynth as command line when I log via ssh on a terminal… but I can’t get my local SC to connect to that remote version… is there a straight and simple tutorial and/or set of instructions somewhere to help me? I read the docs (server @server.remote, server guide, multi-client setup) and all of them imply having someone on the remote server running sc…

Any pointers welcome.


One thing that has tripped me up a few times: Make sure the socket bind address is set so you can access it from the local network. scsynth -B does this, default is which makes it accessible only from the same machine. And one other thing – if you’re launching scsynth from sclang you need to set maxLogins (-l) to something greater than 1.

At the moment I don’t seem to be able to see the remote server at all… I am certain people who do that frequently have a sort of list of things to do in the right order to make sure it works every time, like I have for my setups before gigs… I never did that and I need the whole thing to go through a ssh tunnel of some sort, with authentication and all. Those in academia will know the security paranoia our IT people have so just having access through ssh is already a miracle :slight_smile: maybe it’ll never work but I was hoping it would