Absent help docklet

I’ve recently installed SC on my new PC (Ubuntu Studio 18.04.3 LTS). I’ve compiled from the source code following the github README instructions.
When I open the IDE there’s no help docket there neither from the View/Docklets menù.
What I’m doing wrong? Do you have any experience of a similar problem?
How can I help you to better understand my problem?
Thank you so much for you help

I’m using SC 3.10.3 on Ubuntu Studio 18.04, and I have never seen this problem. So I don’t know what’s going on :flushed:

My offhand guess might be a Qt version problem? Synaptic on my system reports that the Ubuntu packaged version of Qt for 18.04 is Qt 5.9.5, but I am building against Qt 5.11 (which you can doublecheck in the IDE, Help > About Qt).

Otherwise, you might try running scide from a terminal window and see if it prints any error messages when you try to open the help browser…? I’m not sure if it will or won’t print error messages, but if you run scide from the app launcher, you definitely won’t see any error messages.

EDIT: Can you also confirm the SC branch and commit ID you’re building?


this is intended behavior. you’ve compiled sclang+scide with the SC_USE_QTWEBENGINE cmake flag set to OFF. in 3.10.3 we added support for compiling QtWebEngine because it is difficult/impossible to install on some linux distributions due to packaging issues and licensing controversies with included Chromium source code. see https://github.com/supercollider/supercollider/issues/4010.

to fix, recompile with cmake -DSC_USE_QTWEBENGINE=ON ..

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Thank you @nathan,
I’ve explicitly set that flag and now I see my beloved documentation docklet!
Thank you so much for your help