Access data via bluetooth


How to process data from a bluetooth device - Arduino like adafruit feather bluetooth LE - to supercollider?

I’m on Linux and I managed to see the datastream in my terminal using cat on the generated file by

That file is a symlink to a virtual serial port if I understand it correctly.

Is there a way to read that data from the file, which is constantly updating, into supercollider? Or is there a better way to do this?

Did you try SerialPort? You can probably access the device directly through this object, including being able to see the datastrea, as long as it’s connected to your computer.

Yes, but next stage it to make it wireless. I can read the values from the terminal and send it via osc to supercollider, using a custom made tool, but not sure if that’s the best way to do it.
It would be simpler if SC could handle that for me, but maybe SC is not the best language to do such things.

Reading directly from bluetooth and send it via OSC, could be a next option for my current setup, but will be a bit more work, as I’ve no experience with bluetooth.

Rather than using their cli tool, you should use BLE-serial’s python library and just send osc message from the line highlighted above.

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I was able to access the data using a bluetooth api directly, using this example as template:

Together with GitHub - scgolang/osc: Open Sound Control 1.0 for golang
for sending the data to SC using OSC.

And with the help of: